I'm making mashed potatoes for dinner because I'm poor until Wednesday.


Poppy Day said, (34 days ago)

Do you have onions, or creamy soup? You could add all kinds of stuff to poor potatoes. That is what I do when I am poor.

(imaginary)libi said, (34 days ago)

i eat mashed potatoes for dinner even when i'm not poor...

hey_oblomov said, (34 days ago)

Potatoes are so versatile. Try them like this instead of mashing...it makes a world of difference flavor-wise(even if you don't stuff garlic in between the slits, especially if you use seasoned salt.

Titanic Hot Rod said, (34 days ago)

Tomorrow night is brown rice and veggies

(imaginary)libi said, (34 days ago)

brown rice and veggies is a normal night dinner for me...

Titanic Hot Rod said, (34 days ago)

I didn't have bacon bits to put in my mashed potatoes. It wasn't as grand.

om nom nom said, (34 days ago)

mashed potato popovers are amazing!

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