A lady I know from the internet, long ago but never met, was murdered yesterday.


Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

Wow! That's pretty freaky.

erica said, (34 days ago)


I know her from this weezer message board I frequented 10-11 years ago. We lost touch over the years, but I still have postcards and other things she sent me in the mail. How obvious to say that it's very sad, but yeah.

erica said, (34 days ago)

Friends! Even people who aren't friends! Be thankful for your relationships! I feel a lot has happened lately that keeps reminding me of this.

rink said, (34 days ago)

wow, geez, i'm sorry for you and her and everyone she knew. absolutely, completely terrible.

little_p said, (34 days ago)

that's so insane that I don't have an adequate comment.

-j. said, (34 days ago)

Rink summed up my feelings on the matter perfectly. Best thoughts to the people who miss her.

Poppy Day said, (34 days ago)

That is really sad. I am sorry to hear that.

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

Holy shit, I've eaten at a restaurant about a block from there. That's an otherwise safe part of town. I'd heard about this through my other facebook circles. How odd that you knew the gal.

erica said, (34 days ago)

Everyone knew her! :( Seriously though, she has reach. She's touched a lot of people.

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