It's been too long since I hosted a convo...So what do you have to be thankful for?


Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

Good friends.

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)

I'm thankful for my awesome Mom who puts up with me every day and is only ever mildly annoying about it, but always super fantastic.

My friends, both innernet and IRL, who are supportive and amazing, and also super hilarious. I always need super hilarious friends in my life. Laughing is the cure to all ailments.

My dogs who are loving and cute all the time. And will let me ugly cry in front of them and not judge me.

My job which has brought me many good opportunities and helped me learn crazy things about myself, and has also connected me to hundreds of really amazing and talented people.

Life. Life life life.

The internets for always being entertaining.

-j. said, (34 days ago)

All the turns of circumstance that have allowed me to be where I am today. I'm quite humbled by the fact that I have things pretty damn good here.

My family, fractured and reassembled as they are. They have always been a loving and supportive force.

Biodiversity. Good books. How certain songs feel. Sun AND rain.

My friends, y'all included. You are amazing as individuals and as a collective: clever, talented, creative, thoughtful, caring, brilliant, hilarious, passionate, socially conscious. Not only do I get the benefit of seeing these qualities in you, they drive me to want to be a better person myself. It is no overstatement to say that my life has changed because of you, and I don't think I could ever find a way to express all the gratitude I have for you.

Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

The short version: I get four Thanksgivings this year, each one with a different group that means a lot to me. And I got to see one of my very best friends this last weekend. Waking up nuzzled between my favorite boy, and my favorite cat.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

This year more than any other in my life I am thankful for the opportunities I've had to learn & grow & have a better understanding of myself as well as the world around me.

om nom nom said, (34 days ago)

pharmaceutical grade heroin and internet porn!

WordNerd said, (34 days ago)

I'm thankful for maria, the most incredible mexican I've ever had. the rest of my family, who are cray in that good way. OLIVER! the chunkiest most awesome boston terrier on the planet.

my friends (including y'all) who keep me sane and make my life that much more fun.

diet coke, you and me forever.

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