Someone please help me to NOT end up a severely old woman that STILL bites her nails!


-j. said, (34 days ago)

Oven mitts! (Bonus: you can have threads like this: )

the way i get by said, (34 days ago)


Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)


Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

I found that working with particularly dangerous chemicals helped.

-j. said, (34 days ago)

YES THERE IS, MACE. At least on the old site.

starz said, (34 days ago)

wtf is new gti sucks lol

-j. said, (34 days ago)

I just checked GoTeamXoxco and it's including the 'close' parenthesis as part of the URL. Weird.

And now I'll stop talking about this before bizzy hits us all with oven mitts.

Plan Bmanda said, (34 days ago)

wtf is the parenthesis ends up as part of the link lol

Plan Bmanda said, (34 days ago)

Also, I used to bite my nails until I worked with food. I got in a lot of trouble for biting them (getting caught) and eventually stopped.

Soooo... Shame? Can you shame yourself into quitting?

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

I think shame might work.

But... how to induce shame?

Post a picture of my hands once a week & have you all tell me how disgusting/grotesque they look???

Plan Bmanda said, (34 days ago)

I'm pretty inwardly mean to myself, which I don't recommend. When I used to be more strict on myself with food etc I had a note on my mom's fridge (cause I lived with her) that had a rather mean note to myself on it.
Maybe leave yourself a nicer note that reminds you of how much you care about yourself and curbing said bad habit. Maybe a reminder of what you should be doing with your hands other than putting them in your mouth.

I used to hate when my aunt would knock my hand out of my mouth and say something about it, but it got the message across I guess.

rink said, (34 days ago)

what if you get your nails done all pretty on a frequent-ish basis? would admiring how beautiful they are and wanting to preserve that help you to want to maintain them?

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)

I'm a chronic nail biter and I find that when I get really into doing them (properly, and often), I stop biting them. I've managed to go a couple months sans biting by just keeping them looking pretty twice a week or so.

Recently I had to bite the bullet and get some fakes done so I wouldn't chew 'em down. I kept them on for about 2 weeks and then removed them and have been keeping them nicely polished and I haven't bitten them yet. I tend to bite my nails when I am stressed, though, so hopefully I can keep this up for a while.

Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

Also, I found having nail files EVERYWHERE helps a bit. I have one in the bathroom, bedroom, car, work desk, etc. When I have the urge to bite, I file. I also like having a few things I can run under my fingernails, like the cleaner part of nail clippers, or a pointy part of a necklace.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)


I'm going to try the manicure method most of you suggested. I might have to set up a calendar reminder though, because I'm kinda lazy & forgetful.

I'm also going to try Mace's suggestion of filing instead of biting.

@Phro: I bite when I'm stressed too, and bored, and nervous.

Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

I discovered that what I really like is the feeling of something under my nails, which is creepy but oh well. So I wore this necklace every day that had a heart pendant, and when I wanted to bite, I'd run the pointy part of the heart under my nails instead. Weird, but better than teeth.

I still occasionally find my nails in my mouth, but it's way more rare, and even when I do, I don't bite down to the quick like I used to.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

a girl cannot be a fashion model if she is ugly, it is a fact.

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)

SO FYI, as of today, I have officially not bitten my nails in over 4 weeks. GOING STRONG, BIZZY. HOW IS YOUR RECOVERY COMING ALONG?

I just tried these cool Sally Hansen nail strip things and they are so awesome. They're like knock offs of the Minx manicures. I have the Girl Flower pattern on now. LOVE IT.

See, if you have short bitten nails you cant do cute nail designs!

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

WAY TO GO PHRO! Keep it up!!!

As for me, THUMBNAILS ARE LOOKING GOOD... but that's about it. the rest of em still look like hobbit hands. still, progress!

Love the designs. I wanna try this when mine are long enough:

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)

What a cool idea. I will try that as soon as these sally hansen thangs get boring.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

Ok, I think I need to do the photo-posting idea. This "protect one nail each day" thing isn't working...

But don't worry, I won't post them here. I'll make it a tumblr or something.

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