Inspired by Celisse - Tell us about free stuff you get (or take) from work.


kirsty said, (34 days ago)

umm... pink hand sanitiser and non-latex gloves. not too glamorous, although the old people i look after have often been lovely in giving us all birthday cakes, easter eggs, christmas presents and so on! so kind!

little_p said, (34 days ago)

little baggies of horse treats, horse shampoo and conditioner, leather cleaner, horse supplements (sample sizes), little baggies of shredded rubber (arena footing samples), rescued animals that need homes (the vets run across plenty)

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)

We get free stuff every so often but usually it's just LOADS OF FOOD. At least once a month Shake Shack will send us like 50 burgers or 100 little custard cups or something. Naked Pizza also likes to send over 9 or 10 pizzas at random. The restaurants on the beach all like to compete for our business and they especially go crazy around launch time cos they want us to pick them to cater our launch days.


Shake Shack with the burgers has been crazy though! They've sent us over like three boxes of burgers twice in the past month! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SELL STUFF WHEN WE ARE STUFFED FULL OF CHEESE BURGERS?

audioquiz said, (34 days ago)

grr celisse. at least i get free drinks from starbucks

Naturelle Rivera said, (34 days ago)


-j. said, (34 days ago)


om nom nom said, (34 days ago)

you're just trying to make us jelz bc you get all the drugs you want!

WordNerd said, (34 days ago)

office supplies and swag from trade shows (umbrellas, jackets, candy, etc.) nothing really exciting.

sparky said, (34 days ago)

All the free ringtones and phone wallpapers I could wish for!

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

@kirsty Kristy, do you work in a nursing home or an assisted living center? If you do, bless you're heart, cuz that's a job I probably couldn't handle. I just want to fix sick/hurt people...not TAKE CARE of them. Good on you.

I get lots of free pens, lots of cookies and food around Christmas. For Nurses Week we got shoulder bags and Chocolate bars. I scored a pretty good coffee mug the other day.

MykeCroft said, (34 days ago)

I got a r00ling pocket protector, but liberating swag from a federal agency is frowned upon.

Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

There really isn't anything terribly exciting to take from my work. Maybe some office supplies, but that's about it.

kirsty said, (34 days ago)

i'm a carer, yeah, but more specifically a 'home carer'; my shifts consist of various visits in different houses to do whatever needs done! and I LOVE IT. my mum's advice was to go be a carer and see if i could handle that before i decided i wanted to be a nurse, and sure enough i could and can't WAIT to be a nurse now!

Plan Bmanda said, (34 days ago)

Clothing mostly.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

The passive-aggressiveness here is always free, but never cheap.

sparky said, (34 days ago)

I'm not sure I appreciate other people just giving away my passive-aggressiveness like that, bizzy.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

At least you still have your stapler.

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