Outdoor Meme: me outside at White Sands, New Mexico


bizzy said, (34 days ago)

Very cool! And from the looks of it, very hot! :)

Centropomus said, (34 days ago)

What's the occasion?

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

@Bizzy - yup. Not that unusual in the desert, though.

@Centro - just was living in West Texas at the time and needed something to do for the weekend.

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

@Bizzy - it's a funny place. People go out there and act like it's the beach and lay out in the sun. They also take inner tubes and such and slide down the hills like it's snow.

Centropomus said, (34 days ago)

Also, launch rockets.

Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

It's very... white.

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