So, it's my first year as an ER nurse and I'm working all three nights Halloween weekend. I'm honestly a little excited.


Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

I can't wait to hear the odd ER stories.

little_p said, (34 days ago)

yea me too! all the kids coming in because they took a bite out of a apple with a razor blade hidden inside!

rat poison made to look like Nestle Crackle !

this is my favorite holiday!

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

Actually so far it's been nothing exciting, just lots of random sick people. Boo!

little_p said, (34 days ago)

no blood?

JasAsian v2.0 said, (34 days ago)

It was sadly anti-climatic. No awesome Halloween related injuries, just a bucket of candy at the nurse's station and a Wonder Woman paramedic that stopped by.

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