Practical uses for a Bachelor of Arts degree:


Britt said, (34 days ago)

Paper plane.

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Origami retail employee.

om nom nom said, (34 days ago)

the card stock they print those things on is usually pretty good so you can probably print your business cards on the back ... for your cleaning services.

the way i get by said, (34 days ago)


actually no that'd be terrible

FiZ said, (34 days ago)

My opinion on paper degrees in general: unless you're a doctor or a lawyer, nobody is going to ask to see it other than mom, so it really doesn't matter what you do with it.

om nom nom said, (34 days ago)

they make terrible rolling papers. they are too thick to roll well and burn unevenly. but those toilet seat covers work well.

Centropomus said, (34 days ago)

It's a lot easier to forge an MD from an authentic BA than from scratch.

sparky said, (34 days ago)

Emergency funnel.

Britt said, (34 days ago)

You could make a good roach out of that kind of paper, come to think of it. So while you couldn't actually smoke it, it could be a part of the joint. Good thinking, team!

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