So I just wanted to let you all know that despite the fact that I never ever post anything ever I still lurk here every day cos you guys are rad, BUT ALSO I'm embarking on my final high school exams tomorrow (you know, the ones that determine your entire future) and would appreciate some luck from all over the world. Thank you!


Chrome said, (34 days ago)

good luck

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Why thank you. (P.S. did you ever go by a different name I might remember, a consu-name even?)

Chrome said, (34 days ago)

ja, Chrome Raven

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Aha, there we go (Y)

Chrome said, (34 days ago)

Don't tell anybody... I'm undercover.

the way i get by said, (34 days ago)

hey britt good luck!

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Good luck!

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

Break a leg!

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Thanks you guyszszsss. The fact that you're all still alive and functioning after school is so reassuring. One down, five to go.

Branwell-the-Pooh? said, (34 days ago)

Well, then, I'm too late to offer part of good luck, but the remaining five-sixths are yours.

_ said, (34 days ago)

Blitz those HSC's. Even if these wishes of the well type are late.

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Not at all. The light at the end of the tunnel is still weeks away.

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