I am in San Antonio for work! Apparently I have a free night tomorrow. What should I do?


EvaMarieville said, (34 days ago)

I lived in San Antonio for four years. I love it there.

You might like to walk the riverwalk if it gets rather late at night. Or during the day visit the Alamo.

I also like eating at Madhatters and there's quite a few art galleries around there.

If you like barbeque, I'd suggest Rudy's or Bill Millers.

Dr. Awkward said, (34 days ago)

Do the Rudy's in San Antonio have those crazy handwashing machines?

mikkoman said, (34 days ago)

Neat; thanks!

I am on the Riverwalk right now. I will have to get to the Alamo following my afternoon sessions.

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