So I just sat through a pending layoff announcement. Time to take Ben's advice regarding unemployed vs self-employed.


bluefish said, (34 days ago)

what was his advice?

slowpoke said, (34 days ago)

-difference is in your head.

Ethan said, (34 days ago)

When i was unemployed, I turned into Ethan's Telecom Services. I was set up to do all sorts of cabling and equipment installs. Which was fun, but I'm a really bad boss.

slowpoke said, (34 days ago)

@ethan: did you make the requisite "laying cable" jokes

bluefish said, (34 days ago)

so what do you do when you're both self-employed and unemployed?

MykeCroft said, (34 days ago)

Being self-employed is way better than being unemployed (especially after your unemployment benefits run out.) You get tax breaks, you can get health insurance as a business (rather than as an individual), and you can DO things with your day instead of simply going around begging people to hire you.

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