Are you left or right-handed?


Sarah von Pantyhose said, (34 days ago)

(with some ambidextrous tendencies)

Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

@Sarah - I'm left-handed with some ambidextrous tendencies.

And I'm weird, because I can't throw a ball left-handed or play guitar.

lord doggington said, (34 days ago)

my right hand is the commander, but the left hand is the, uh, mastur.

........ said, (34 days ago)

Right handed....and my right leg is dominant as well (one reason among many I lost so many sparring matches in martial arts classes...I was really predictable). But my left eye is ridiculously dominant.

soulcamp said, (34 days ago)

Ambidextrous. It sucks - when I was a kid, I broke my left wrist (my normal writing hand), and my teacher were gonna let me dictate my homework, but my mom told them I was ambidextrous, so I had to it all right-handed.

ashok said, (34 days ago)


-j. said, (34 days ago)

Very very dominantly right-handed.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

@ashok I'm talking about handedness, not your political philosophy. *grin*

Make Art said, (34 days ago)

I'm mostly sinister.

Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

Also, when I was a kid, my grandma tried to make me learn to be right-handed, because she was a product of the age that believed that left-handedness was against God or something. My mom had to tell her to leave me be.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

I had to have a kid from a grade ahead of me how to teach me how to write in cursive at the Catholic school because the teacher was completely baffled about how to teach someone left-handed.

Sit across the desk, and say, 'Pretend like you're looking in a mirror.' How hard is THAT?

Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

@AArtaud Yeah...I've had teachers that didn't know how to handle it either. When I was in 7th grade, my english teacher decided to teach us Calligraphy. I was really excited because I was as much of a nerd back then as I am now.

However, due to the left-handedness, and the fact that calligraphy ink doesn't dry quickly, all of my calligraphy assignments came out pretty sloppy. So, I got f's on all of them. There was nothingI could do to please her.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Joy Def: I know! When I'd do math with a pencil, the side of my left hand would be completely shiny with pencil lead because my hand brushed against the paper as I wrote.

That sucks with the F's. That ain't cool, at t'all.

fuznotfuz said, (34 days ago)

Right handed, left legged.

retro.joe said, (34 days ago)

Like H55; Right Eye, Right Leg, Left Eye.

retro.joe said, (34 days ago)

Well, that made no sense.

Right arm, right leg, left eye. I'm also dysgraphic, which is evidenced above.

Skanko said, (34 days ago)

left handed.

MykeCroft said, (34 days ago)

I'm left-handed. My right hand is basically a waste of space; it barely has any dexterity at all.

I bat right-handed, but that's mostly due to learning to play tennis before I played baseball; the 2-handed batter's grip is more like a backhand than a forehand for me.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

I'm left eye dominant as well. I sometimes catch myself squinting while reading at bed and using only my left eye.

I learned (barely) how to play guitar right-handed, but I've never been very good at it. They convinced me to do so by the following reason: 'Say you're at a party, and someone has a guitar. It'll be strung right-handed so if you wanna play it and impress people (read: girls), then you better learn how to play right-handed.'

Utter FAIL 'cept that one time.

Lady Ham Hammers said, (34 days ago)

I'm a rightie who is surrounded by lefties: grandmother, sister, stepmother, departed grandfather, and at least two ex boyfriends.

makeliketova said, (34 days ago)

Very leftie.

Jay, my dad did the same thing as your grandma, until a friend told him to leave me be.. And my handwriting was often messy if I didn't use pens that dried quickly enough.

tatere said, (34 days ago)

i'm unhanded.

our nuns had an efficient solution to teaching lefties - you just weren't allowed to be left-handed. they would whack kids they caught trying to write with anything other than God's hand.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

tatere: Man, they got rid of the nuns the year I started school! I so regret that because then I too could've gotten whacked!

WordNerd said, (34 days ago)

I started out lefty, but was made to switch to righty, now I'm just crazy.

le_sacre said, (34 days ago)


you ever tried to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand?  i find this shockingly difficult.

bizzy said, (34 days ago)

Rightie, but I golf and bat as a leftie would.

Not that I golf or play baseball often...

(imaginary)libi said, (34 days ago)

i write and paint/draw with my right hand and do everything else with my left. i was trained to be a righty in spite of left hand dominance because my dad hated being a lefty in school. i can write backwards pretty spectacularly well with my left hand though. fortunately i have that strength in my right hand though because operating a camera left handed is a bitch and a half.

little_p said, (34 days ago)

i like to use both. but it's not like I'm naturally ambidextrous i practiced with both as a beginner writer because i thought it would be neato- I'm mostly right, but when we were 13/14 a friend an I went all lefty because we thought it would be a great disguise because of course the russian spies were gonna take over and we would need to be able to change our identities in order to escape their death grip on the US

and then I tore my right hand/arm in a riding accident in highschool, so I used my left all the time then.

we can all be ambidextrous if we just put a little effort it, ya know?
we train the horses to be ambi- so why not ourselves???

like, take piano and typing- you gonna be ambi- exp with Bach

i have to fight being left leg dominant-
and my left eye- i feel as if I can totally do without it. not true, but it feels that way

omg- ive had a ton of non-stop caffeine
the verbosity is kinda even annoying me

Chain Boy said, (34 days ago)

Very right-handed, which limited my ability to play Basie songs on piano.

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