skipbreakfast said, (34 days ago)

Yeah.... thanks for the reminder that I have an IRA....what's left of it.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)


I'll work, if I'm lucky, 'til I drop. I've got no sympathy.

The whole artificial inflation of the stock market was a massive Ponzi scheme anyway by reducing interest rates to nil and making people invest in the market for their retirement.

The moment of maximum revolutionary potential approaches. I predict riots in July and August. Any takers? Gonna be a long hot summer with lots of unemployed young men on the streets.

Wanna bet which major metro area burns first?

øh mi oh my said, (34 days ago)

the silver lining in my continual struggle to overcome debt. "At least I haven't lost THAT much..."

øh mi oh my said, (34 days ago)

@AArtaud I sure hope not. If I dare say so, this little boiling cauldron of permissiveness and reactionaries, with a police force that is generally apathetic and ineffective at best... but, you know. Love the bay area, gotta take the good with the bad.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

nomi: I hear you. I've got a mountain of it myself.

And it's hard for me to care about people bitching about how much they lost in the market. At least they had a major share at some point.

And why in the hell are we bailing out people whose houses are worth less than their mortgage but that can make their mortgage payments? Given enough time, shouldn't the value recover? Why bail them out? They gotta live somewhere, and if they want to walk away from their 'underwater' mortgage, then good fuckin' riddance.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

nomi: It's a good thing California got a budget passed because I would guess LA as the first to go up.

But yeah, I'd hate to see martial law in the States. All those anti-insurgency urban tactics that the Army has been practicing now for 7 years would not be pretty here.

Reamworks SKG said, (34 days ago)

If you all had listened to me two years ago you would have stockpiled gold and guns

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Reamworks: If I could've bought golds and guns, I'd've had a stake in the system. I was living from check to check. Still am.

Good thing my mom cashed out of the market before it started bottoming.

But yeah, I remember hearing talk that this was coming when I was in the Bay Area and all of a sudden realtors couldn't move houses.

And nothing happened.

Oh well. It's one of those lovely inherent contradictions in capitalism. I espouse a free market yet demand a monopoly for myself/mybusiness/I'm Bill Gates and will assimilate you.

Where's my copy of Mao's Little Red Book?

Jay Def said, (34 days ago)

I DID stockpile guns.

I live in Idaho. It's the law. ;)

Reamworks SKG said, (34 days ago)

Barak's stimulus package is our equivalent of Mao's little red book.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Hey Jay, wanna be roommates? I was reading a guide about how to survive the collapse over your country by a Russian.

He suggests planting a truck garden to grow food. Russians would estimate how many rows of potatoes they would need to plant based on how shitty the economy was.

All I need is a field, and I'll be a plantin' machine.

Community Toy? said, (34 days ago)

As a reminder, not long ago Oakland was home to some rioting.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

CT: Jimi Hendrix time:
Long, Hot Summer Night

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Here it comes:
Britain faces summer of rage - police

For those of you in an urban area, I'd advise looking into purchasng a gas mask.

Make Art said, (34 days ago)

Thank you for that cheerful reminder that my chances of getting mugged in the coming year will be greatly increased.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

Sorry, my friend. I didn't break the economic system.

øh mi oh my said, (34 days ago)

I don't think any of us here, did. Either we're all not a)rich enough or b)stupid enough or c)greedy enough. You can be rich and unstupid, or poor and ungreedy. But it's other combinations that fucked it up, I think.

SRB said, (34 days ago)

AArtaud hasn't posted anything new, so i'm gonna try to be lurky creepy in this thread.

*leers at your portfolio*

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

@nomi oh my Yeah, I hate that feeling of getting perpetually screwed by the people who DID break it and seem to still be profiting.

AArtaud said, (34 days ago)

@Stark Raving Brad Unhand my portfolio, you vile cad! (more plz)

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