I'm listening to Bach's cello suites, and it's making me feel a bit better about life, due to the awesomeness-factor. What classical rocks your socks?


Coin-Operated Boy said, (34 days ago)

Air on G String - Bach.

Please do not make any refernce to intimate apparel here. it really ruins the music -_-

But yes, I absolutely love it. Se7en, with Morgan Freeman in the library... perfection.

beccah. said, (34 days ago)

Schubert. Beethoven. Pachabel. ViValdi.

Chrome said, (34 days ago)

I'll always have a soft spot for night on bald mountain. Other than that... pretty much the usual suspects. dvorak, mozart, beethoven, bach, williams.

Cashew said, (34 days ago)

@DannyMadison -- Air on a G string is loveliness. I haven't seen Se7en, but suspect I should if it puts that together with Morgan Freeman, who is on my list of people to be reincarnated as.
@beccah -- :) whenever I think of Pachelbel I think about this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM I need to listen to more Beethoven....
@ChromeRaven -- wow, how excellent a name is Modest Mussorgsky? I didn't know the name of the piece or the composer for Night on Bald Mountain, so extra thanks for reuniting me with that piece. Listening to it I always feel like Evil Robot Maria in Metropolis.

beccah. said, (34 days ago)

@cashew: that video is too funny... but there's more to pachelbel (I can't spell)... and beethoven is the shit. :)

........ said, (34 days ago)

Vivaldi if I want to get into a good mood. If we're counting 20th century, Philip Glass's Metamorphosis.

Cashew said, (34 days ago)

hmmm... don't know the Metamorphosis... would this be Philip Glass meets Kafka? (and yes, the 20th century is being counted)

........ said, (34 days ago)


This is the first of the four.

Chrome said, (34 days ago)

@cashew: welcomes.

Evil Robot Maria just sounds awesome. That is all.

Britt said, (34 days ago)

Oh my god Metamorphosis is so good... and you can't go past Samuel Barber's Adagio For Strings either.

........ said, (34 days ago)

@Britt: it is the Philip Glass recording I can give to people who don't like Philip Glass.

le_sacre said, (34 days ago)

the cello suites are the number one reason (by far) for which i'm learning cello.  trying to learn, i mean.

in other Bach-stocking socks-rocking, through the magic of digital keyboards i'm learning to play BWV1061a (concerto in C for two harpsichords) as a duet with myself.  much soul-nourishing fun.

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