Root vegetable haiku -- are you up to the challenge?


Cashew said, (34 days ago)

in asian restaurants
carrots carved like roses --
why aren't they tasty?

Cashew said, (34 days ago)

(if anyone responds to this I will be both afraid and impressed)

CocktailsMalIntent said, (34 days ago)

carrots are tasty
I really like to eat them
they go in my face

Cashew said, (34 days ago)

groovy.... now if only someone would be willing to tackle beets...

erica said, (34 days ago)

roasted potatoes
with parsnips and red red beets
make me so happy

erica said, (34 days ago)

here's a good salad
spinach beets goat cheese walnuts
with orange vinaigrette

(I think vinaigrette could be 3-4 syllables, not really sure)

Cashew said, (34 days ago)

Recipe haiku... wow.

Yams in the springtime,
though I think they're imported --
cooked with bourbon, mmmm.

ok, so maybe it's a cheat using mmm for a syllable...

halon said, (34 days ago)

potatoes are strange.
eyes all over the tubers -
stop staring at me!

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