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What's Happened to ME in the past year

I... Graduated high school, second in my class (that Valedictorian bitch had her GPA weighted more than mine, or I woulda won). Moved out of my mommy's house that very weekend (after the party, of course). Moved into an apartment with my brother and his girlfriend...lent a friend seven hundred dollars, five hundred of which she still owes me (six months later). LOST MY VIRGINITY (oh, lordy!). Went to college a bunch, made awesome grades. Worked in a restaurant as a hostess, to-go lady, and now a waitress (oh, huzzah). Was invited to join some Greek-Alphabet Honor Society thing at my school (Phi Theta Kappa Alpha blah blah), which I don't give a crap about. Was elected Historian of the Anime and Gaming Club of my school. Was, for a little while, in a group of cool kids...didn't know what to do with myself (thank Cheezus the semester ended before I screwed everything up). ...And now my chronology is all wonky, so I'll stop... we're about up to the present now, anyway. Next week will be my first ever college spring break. I think I may have time to actually read a book before school starts up again! I haven't read a book since... well, Christmas break. And I'm jonesin'. I almost feel like crying every time I find a couple hours in which I have nothing scheduled for myself. Those moments are so precious, now... Posted 34 days ago | 3 comments

mmmmmmmm Ramen

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SAINT Patrick's Day.

Once upon a time, when I was young(er) and naive(r), I thought it was VERY IMPORTANT to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. That day I wore a green shirt and green sweatpants, and I looked extremely stupid, but it didn’t matter because -- in my mind -- as long as it was green, it was stylish.

I was pinched twice as much as anyone else. And when I would protest, "but! I’m wearing green! You can’t do that!," the response was "It’s the wrong shade of green." ...But it wasn’t the wrong shade. It was the perfect shade. And they pinched me anyway, the bastards...

I think something in me died that day.

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Will probably be spent doing things I don't want to do / don't care about. Lots of Calculus homework, Economics homework, housecleaning, and other blah.

But at least I'll get a chance to read some books and play some video games. Oh yeah, and go outside. I don't spend nearly enough time outside. My legs are alabaster from lack of sun. I may watch some Disney movies. That's about the extent of the fun I'll be having this spring break.

I want you guys to live it up FOR me. Do all kinds of crazy fun things this week, then come back here and tell me alllllll about it. Yeah? Even post some pictures or something. Yeah.

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"Good night, Moon"

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Tell me a story.

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