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Tonight's Half Price Books booty

Anne Rice - Cry to Heaven ($3)

Stephen King - It ($3)

Jonathan Ames - Wake Up, Sir! ($1) I bought it because one of the critics compares it to Wodehouse, whom I adore.

Diane Ackerman - A Natural History of Love ($1)

Michael Dorris - The Borken Cord ($1)

John Gunther - Death Be Not Proud ($1)

Barbara Ann Kipfer - 14,000 Things to be Happy About ($1) Been meaning to buy this for some time.

A HPB tote that is (literally) green and sturdy ($.98)


Grand total: $16.22. I love Half Price Books

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Things 9 year olds like

My nephew is turning nine years old, and his birthday is this weekend. (I don't know how this could have happened. Just a week ago, he was four.) As far as I know, he likes gun and hunting, but I feel like that theme will be overdone at the party. His dad is/was a fireman, and he was pretty into that when he was younger. What the hell do I buy a nine year old kid? Posted 34 days ago | 8 comments

Coding ain't easy.

I just downgraded a gorgeous Flash slideshow into Javascript. I don't know whether to cry or congratulate myself on still remembering anything about Javascript. I should charge time and a half for this abomination.

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Guinea pig liiiips

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