Some of you might know that, almost two years ago, my car was stolen. It turned out ok, I guess -- insurance compensated me, but that means the car now belongs to my insurance company -- and even though thinking about my car always makes me sad, since it's the car I'd driven since I was 15, I guess I'd thought that was the end of it.

But today, we got a call from a tow company, and my car was found by a highway patrolman and was subsequently towed off the street. Which is awesome. A friend of mine is looking for the spare key so's he can check the car out in the morning at the tow lot (he knows what the car used to look like, and he's going to compare).

My best friend Cass has a theory that is actually pretty likely: the car was probably stolen and sold, and some poor asshole probably spent all day looking for his towed car.

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framing business

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