half the wits for the price!

What does this meeeeean??

I received this email tonight: Ms. McPherson, Hello, would you please call Jackson Taylor in the Creative Writing Department at The New School.  His number is 212-229-5611. Best, Writing Program   WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I mean, I know I should call soon. But is this an interview? Obviously, if I were rejected outright, they wouldn't bother with a call, would they? Posted 34 days ago | 5 comments

Last night I...and today I feel...

Last night I... 1. Drank questionable alcohol out of a fish bowl 2. Fell off "the party bus" (a bus that takes you downtown for free) 3. Got lost in a bar for about 1/2 hour 4. Was hit on by a Nigerian guy 5. Smoked weed for the first time   Today I feel... 1. like a Looney Tunes character is taking a pick axe to my skull 2. like I may have exploded my sinuses.   Et toi? Posted 34 days ago | 15 comments