Pistachios ain't that great, I thought I'd mention 'em distinctive from how awesome I am

Yay, it's Appa!

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Well, single again

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Godzilla Haiku

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If there wasn't already enough evidence, here is why I am a terrible person:

I left the gym last night and went to Wholefoods to get a salad. (shit, is that evidence of me being terrible already? There's more, really) I had taken a pretty intense aerobic workout class, so I was still a bit winded. Anyway, I walk in and I see this little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old in a wheelchair. As I get closer to him (he's between me and the salad bar, that little FUCK) I notice his tshirt. I'm about 6 feet away when I realize it says "I DO MY OWN STUNTS" A fucking crippled kid in a wheelchair wearing a shirt that says I do my own stunts. I can't help myself and just start laughing uncontrollable, which, due to the windedness of my respiratory system turns into uncontrollable coughing. I know I'm terrible, but what parent puts their crippled kid in that shirt? Posted 34 days ago | 12 comments